Is the Canadian wheat better than the Sicilian one? Not, it’s false. It’s only a big cheat with the glyphosate
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Is the Canadian wheat better than the Sicilian one? Not, it’s false. It’s only a big cheat with the glyphosate

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ENQUIRY/For several years people have been telling us that Canadian wheat is the best in the world , because it contains more gluten . It is true , for heaven’s sake .

Nevertheless there is a tangle underneath : the unscrupulous use of chemistry , which is made in Canada , with a grass – killer , the glyphosate , which alters the natural maturation of wheat . It becomes a problem , since this grass -killer is a poison , which certainly damages human health .

The background of an international swindle – not casually mediated by multinationals that anticipates the TTIP and that aims at destroying Italian wheat , which is , after all, Sicilian and Apulian wheat .

What can we do in order to guard ourselves from this swindle ?

For years , singing the praise of Canadian wheat , the owners of the great trademarks of pasta have been divulging that Italian wheat is weak , that is it contains little gluten, which is the proteic substance that bestows upon pasta solidity while cooking.In other words the Sicilians and the Apulians, whom they have been holding in contempt , aren’t clever , whilst the Canadians are excellent .

Yet do things really stand thus ? Little by little it has been discovered that behind the success of Canadian wheat there is a swindle , because it is thanks to an agronomical cheat that Canadian wheat contains more gluten . Nevertheless it also contains a poison that thoroughly harms human health : the glyphosate . But

let’s proceed orderly .

Wheat is a vegetal species originating from the middle east . In the mediterranean – and thus in our surroundings – area it is sown in autumn and reaped in summer. . In other parts of the planet , for instance in Canada and in sundry northern countries of the United States it is sown in spring and reaped in autumn .This is the first anomaly , since the plant of wheat has grown accustomed to wax in hot countries and to be reaped in June , when it takes on a glass consistency , whilst in Canada and in the north of the USA it is reaped in autumn ( in fall ) , when it’s already cold .

Hence a question : what comes to pass in Canada , when fall ( autumn ) is cold and rainy – a thing which often happens – ? It chances that wheat has some difficulties in getting ripe , that is to say to pass from the green colour to the glass and yellow status ; possibly the ripening begins , yet it takes place in a not homogeneous way.

Furthermore, the first rain makes develop certain sorts of grass which , infesting the plants ,renders the threshing difficult .

What sort of escamotage have also Canadian farmers come up with ? An agronomical expedient that ,at the same time , beguiles nature and consumers . The trick is the following one : about 14 or 15 days ere they reap the wheat , they

“shoot” a treatment with glysophate , which is known all around the world as the”all – witherer” ( “dryer” ) ..The treatment with glyphosate is effectuated when wheat is still green , which is a most important point ,because the plant then finds itself at the most of its effort : let us say that , at that stage it is concentrated in making grow the grain ,which is still green , containing a high concentration of nutritive substances , including gluten .

If the wheat is sown after a natural fashion – as it happens in Sicily and in Apulia – the spike , when it from green becomes yellow , acquiring glass consistency , loses a part of the nutritive substances, including gluten .

We’ ve arrived at the crucial point of this big agronomical fraud . We ‘ ve told that they 14 or 15 days ere they reap shoot upon the wheat a treatment of glysophate ; any-way ,such a chemical treatment is effectuated , when the spike is still green, wherefore , as already mentioned , when it contains a conspicuous percentage of nutritive substances, above all of gluten .

The Canadian farmers , who pass for clever, – cleverer than their Sicilian and Apulian colleagues – explain to us that they by means of such a treatment bring the wheat to ripeness. It ‘ s all nonsense : much more simply the plant of wheat is caused to wither . Full stop . Thanks to this chemical treatment , which has nothing to do with natural ripeness ,the Canadian wheat retains a higher concentration of nutritive substances , above all of gluten .In such a treatment there is nothing of natural . The question is only of an innatural straining, which offers a product as rich in

gluten as rich in poison. Canadian wheat , differently from the Italian one , presents indeed a high concentration of glyphosate, which is forsooth not healthy .

It goes without saying that it pleases the industries producing pasta , because pasta produced with Canadian wheat remains more solid while cooking .

All the evil depends on the ignorannce of the consumers . It ‘s necessary that the consumers should know that glyphosate harms their health . Forsooth not immediately , yet ,as time elapses , our organism won’t be able to dissimulate the negative effects thereof . To us they said the Canadians were good at the genetic improvement of wheat . They boasted their cultivations were better than ours because they contained more gluten . According to them our scientific research ,

our agriculture departments at University were not comparable with theirs ; these are all lies .

About glyphosate much information circulates : it ought to be said that amongst all grass – killers employed by the agricultural pharmacopoeia it is one of the less polluting , for in the grounds exists full many a bacterium which succeds in eliminating it .

By far different is the question , as far as human health is concerned . At the beginning it was said that it was cancer – producing . Now they are trying to make us believe that it is not cancer – priducing . Up to some time ago , in the european union there were countries which petitioned for its banishment or at the least for a drastic reduction of its presence in food , especially in wheat . Now the tune has

changed , because American products have literally invaded European markets .

Thus ,beside wheat from Canada , wheat from the north of the USA arrives .

Be sure : in a few months they will be telling us that glyphosate is good for our health.

They are poisoning us , and they plan to go on poisoning us by means of the following scheme : the Chicago Board of Trade , point of reference for the commerce of agricultural products ,throughout the world , causes the wheat to touch bottomprice – that ‘ s what ‘ s happening in our epoch -.Thus the producers of wheat in South Italy , already stricken by a drawback , because Italian producers of pasta prefer Canadian wheat to the Italian one , find themselves in a still greater difficulty ,haply they go bankrupt and even cede their grounds to speculators . Thus the multinationals , producing seeds genetically modified , and the Canadian and North American producers take the Italian pasta market as their own : in conclusion a hors d’oeuvre of what is coming to pass with TTIP .

They do everything poisoning us with glyphosate and with aflatoxins .And thus they poison us twice .

What can we do to ensconce ourselves ? Our advice obviously is worth only for Sicilian consumers , nay also for the Apulian ones . First of all do not purchase pasta produced by big trademarks . in the second place do seek

the small pasta producers who there are in Sicily and supply yourselves by them.

Thus it would become necessary to reduce the consumption of pasta for the first five or six months , haply even for a year . This option would bring about three effects:first of all the Sicilian small producers of wheat would be induced to create cooperatives . They would be induced to do so , since thus they would have little difficulty in selling pasta .

In the second place this would compel the big pasta producers to change method .

The arrival of Canadian wheat drugged with aflatoxins and with glyphosate would be interrupted .

In the third place we would thus save the Sicilian wheat producers , because the request of wheat would increase together with the price ,in spite of the Chicago Board of Trade .

The pessimists – who in Sicily never fail – would think so : will the Canadians let supplant themselves ? Do believe thus : the will .

Do you remember some years ago the big investments of multinationals in palm oil? When the campaign against palm oil commenced , many were the pessimists.

Well , thanks to the web the notion that palm oil harms our health ,has passed .

Today in the advertisements of snacks they declare proudly ” no paalm oil ” or ” palm oil free ” .

If we do not purchase industrial pasta any longer , in a year or haply less we shall hear and read ” glyphosate free .

The information that you have read in the present investigation or study isn’t new .

Thereabout people have been talking for a long time .

Translation from Italian into English by Professor Giovanni Albanese . E-mail

26 gennaio 2019




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