italian pasta

Is the Canadian wheat better than the Sicilian one? Not, it’s false. It’s only a big cheat with the glyphosate

ENQUIRY/For several years people have been telling us that Canadian wheat is the best in the world , because it contains more gluten . It is true , for heaven’s sake .

Nevertheless there is a tangle underneath : the unscrupulous use of chemistry , which is made in Canada , with a grass – killer , the glyphosate , which alters the natural maturation of wheat . It becomes a problem , since this grass -killer is a poison , which certainly damages human health . The background of an international swindle – not casually mediated by multinationals that anticipates the TTIP and that aims at destroying Italian wheat , which is , after all, Sicilian and Apulian wheat . What can we do in order to guard ourselves from this swindle ?